Rules & Regulations
Competitive jump rope/rope skipping is a high-intensity transformation of a timeless schoolyard game that demands precision, stamina and innovation of its athletes. The sport is made up of two major disciplines: single rope and Double Dutch, and further divides into speed and freestyle categories. Whether it be the hypnotic pace of a 30-second-speed champion, the mesmerizing whirl of a handle flung into the air during a single rope show, or the jaw dropping stunts of a Double Dutch freestyle team, jump rope/rope skipping is as thrilling to watch, as it is to do.


Males and females of all ages, backgrounds and physical strengths participate in competitive jump rope/rope skipping. In competitions, athletes are divided by age and gender.




Judges are extensively trained to judge both speed and freestyle events. Speed events, during which compet- itors alternate their feet as quickly as possible, are judged by counting the number of times an athlete’s foot hits the ground in a given period of time. Freestyle is judged with a set of guidelines that rewards difficulty, creativity, and the ability to perform without mistakes.